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QBar enables both the restaurateur and his guests to break new ground.

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View the entire menu, including the latest offers and their availability, on your cell phone. Discover new flavours and get inspired by the speciality of every unique menu.

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Order with QBar whenever it’s convenient for you, shorten your wait time and improve your ordering experience. You will always have your order in sight while it’s being processed.

Want to find out more about QBar for your catering business?

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Have you become aware of QBar and now want to find out more?

Do you want to further improve your customers’ experience and not only offer better service but also reduce costs?

We are pleased that you are interested and hope to be able to answer many of your questions here.

Why QBar?


Many guests, few staff or even areas that are difficult to see, can make it difficult for a waiter to pay attention to someone. With QBar you can place your order independently of a waiter.

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Often orders are complicated, e.g. if you order for many friends, or if the order contains many special requests. With QBar even such orders can be placed accurately and comprehensibly.

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Try something new? QBar allows you to browse the menu at your leisure and in a language you understand, opening the way to new taste experiences.

Some voices from our survey

How QBar can make customers happier? Here are some of the opinions from our latest poll.

QBar would help me to spend more time with my friends because I don't have to chase the waiters. That would be great.
from Greece
I give QBar credit for the fact that I can select all available teas and all possible options. That is worth a lot to me!
from Germany
When I order a burger, I want to be able to decide exactly how I want it. QBar gives me this option!
from Germany

“QBar allows our customers to be more independent, flexible and willing to experiment.”

Frequently asked questions

While QBar is a great way to add value to a location and a great experience for its customers, each owner can still decide for themselves if they want to use QBar. If QBar is not available at a location where you would like it to be, we recommend that you make the staff aware of QBar and explain why it would be great to use QBar there.

The QBar frontend is currently available in four languages: English, German, Italian and Greek. However, the languages in which the menu is available is defined by the restaurant. Often it has to do with which languages are often spoken in the restaurant. If you think that offering your language would be an advantage for this restaurant, you are welcome to address this and possibly even offer your support.

QBar can do both: it can display only the menu or allow orders. Whether QBar allows orders depends on several factors.

For example, it may be that the locality you are in has decided to offer only the menu display version. In that case, you could explain to the staff why it would be beneficial to allow ordering through QBar.

Also, it is possible that the location has decided to disable orders via QBar for the time being. This is not uncommon when there is currently a lot going on. You could ask the staff if this is really wanted and when the temporary deactivation will be switched off.

QBar in your favorite place?

Do you think that a certain location could benefit from QBar? We would be happy if you bring it to the attention of the staff there. QBar can be an enrichment for many locations and their guests, including hotels, restaurants, snack bars, festivals.

As a thank you for a successful recommendation you will receive up to 20€ for a Qbar order on this location paid by us!

* The location must not have been a QBar customer yet. The location must have confirmed the establishment of the contact by the submitter. The application for the reward must be made within 3 months after the creation of the customer account.