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We are excited to take QBar into the next phase of its development and invite you to join our closed beta phase, that starts soon. In this exclusive testing phase, you will have the unique opportunity to explore our groundbreaking hospitality web application.
Our developers have worked hard to put QBar through its paces, ensuring it meets the highest standards of usability, efficiency and security. During this beta phase, we will continue to refine the app and your feedback is invaluable in helping us deliver the best possible customer experience.
Sign up today to experience QBar first-hand and help us shape the future of foodservice technology. This way you can also have an impact on future features. Please understand that due to limited capacity, not all applications can be considered.
Be a part of this exciting journey and shape the future of hospitality with us. We look forward to creating great things together!

There are absolutely no costs during the closed beta

We understand how important it is to have clear and transparent terms and conditions for the use of our services. Therefore, we would like to emphasise that there are no costs during our beta phase and we will never ask you to enter payment details during this phase.
Our mission is to perfect QBar and integrate your feedback into this process. That's why we're committed to a completely free beta experience, where you'll have unlimited access to all the features of our web application (except for payment functions).
Even when the beta phase is over and QBar moves into the regular phase, you can be sure that there will be no cost without your intervention, as your account will be deactivated if you no longer wish to use QBar.

Take a break and read this before you apply

In order to offer our customers the best possible product experience, we have decided to run a relatively long closed beta. In this closed beta, we select interested people to put the application through its paces before the official launch. During this time, the full functionality of the QBar elite edition can be used, of course completely free of charge. This includes, of course, that the customers of our beta testers can use the QBar-frontent to view the menu and, at the request of the beta tester, also place orders. 

We are committed to completing the closed-beta phase in a stable manner, without incident and also without data loss. However, as the product can change considerably during this phase, it cannot be ruled out that the application may fail from time to time or that data may be lost.

By submitting this form, you are applying for the closed beta. The application for the closed beta does not yet entitle you to participate. In order to be able to test all functionalities of the application to the required extent, we will select from the applications received those that we consider to be the most suitable at the appropriate time. The criteria may vary. In the course of the closed beta we will admit more and more testers. After the successful completion of the closed beta, we assume that we will start an open beta, in which you can participate in any case, regardless of whether you were able to participate in the closed beta or not.

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