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Our closed beta is just about to start

Welcome to the future of hospitality management

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With QBar, we offer you the solution that will take your business to the next level. Forget elaborate printed menus and long ordering paths. We make it easy for you.

With QBar integration, you can offer your menus in multiple languages to better serve international guests and increase customer satisfaction. The best part? Our application allows your guests to order directly from their smartphone, which increases efficiency in the kitchen and can boost sales.

Our user-friendly platform puts you in control of your menu and allows you to customise it effortlessly. Changes in the availability of ingredients? No problem. Simply update and your guests will see the changes in real time.

Don’t wait any longer to take your catering business into the digital era. Contact us today to learn more about QBar and how it can benefit your business.

QBar – your key to a more efficient, customer-focused catering business.

Keyfeatures of QBar

Customers can browse the restaurant’s full food and beverage menu on their smartphone, including detailed descriptions, prices and images.

QBar’s user-friendly interface allows customers to effortlessly navigate through categories and search for their favourite dishes.

Customers can place their orders directly through the app and forward them to the kitchen, minimising waiting times and increasing efficiency.

If you allow it, the customer can call the waiter via the application

Customers have the option to specify special requests or allergies directly when ordering to ensure their meal is perfectly tailored to their needs.

QBar supports contactless payment options to make the payment process secure and convenient.

Suitable for many use cases

QBar is not limited to a specific type of food service operation - it adapts to your needs. Whether it's a restaurant, café, beach bar, bistro or food truck, our solution can be used anywhere.

QBar is the ultimate web application for hospitality businesses, enabling customers to conveniently view a venue’s food and beverage menu on their mobile devices and seamlessly place orders. This innovative solution combines ease of use, efficiency and a modern hospitality experience. 

Our closed beta is just about to start

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We are excited to take QBar into the next phase of its development and invite you to join our closed beta phase thats start soon. In this exclusive testing phase, you will have the unique opportunity to explore our groundbreaking hospitality web application.
Our developers have worked hard to put QBar through its paces, ensuring it meets the highest standards of usability, efficiency and security. During this beta phase, we will continue to refine the app and your feedback is invaluable in helping us deliver the best possible customer experience.
Sign up today to experience QBar first-hand and help us shape the future of foodservice technology. This way you can also have an impact on future features. Please understand that due to limited capacity, not all applications can be considered.
Be a part of this exciting journey and shape the future of hospitality with us. We look forward to creating great things together!

Highly configurable

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QBar offers a variety of setting options. For example, you can set whether the ordered items are served by the waiter or whether they can be collected by the customer. Security functions can be activated for each of these options.

With one account you can configure and manage several service areas. Each of these service areas has its own configuration including a menu!

QBar’s multiple configuration options allow you to flexibly adapt to your individual needs.

Choose the edition that suits your needs

Do you want the all-round carefree package right away or do you want to start small first? QBar comes in two editions, QBar lite and QBar elite. While QBar lite focuses on the online menu, QBar elite offers the full range, first and foremost online ordering. It is entirely possible to switch between the editions. Our support team will be happy to assist you.

Feature overview
Qbar lite Qbar elite
Application Framework features* Yes Yes
Entry in Qbar database Yes Yes
Configure menu Yes Yes
Configure tables Yes Yes
Translate menu into up to 10 languages Yes Yes
Export QR-Codes Yes Yes
Allow customers to browse menu online Yes Yes
Allow customers to order online No Yes
Manage online orders No Yes
Statistics about online orders No Yes
Allow customers to call waiter No Yes

* The Xcelsus Application Framework is the basis of QBar and other Xcelsus Application Framework applications and provides functions that can be used by all Xcelsus Application Framework applications. Starting with QBar lite, you benefit from user administration including strong authorisation management.

Transparent price structure

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QBar is currently in closed beta. There are absolutely no costs during the closed beta.

Nevertheless, we want to end the beta successfully as soon as possible and go into regular operation. We will inform all beta participants about the exact time of the release in time.

The final prices will be set during the beta, which is why we can’t give any exact prices at the moment. But what we can reveal is the following:

  • All editions of QBar will cost a monthly or annual fee.
  • QBar lite is not only a comfortable but also a very cheap way to get started with QBar. We expect monthly costs of less than €10 here.
  • For QBar elite, we expect to offer two pricing models
    • low monthly costs of less than €10 + a single digit percentage commission on all orders placed through QBar.
    • monthly costs of less than €100 but no commission

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